Various Types of Rat Bait and Why You Need Them

Do you need rat bait? Well, if you have a rat problem you’re probably dying to get your hands on some. The fancy word for rat killer is rodenticide. Some types of rodenticide operates by causing internal hemorrhaging in the rat. It is important to put out rodenticide to protect your family, especially if you live in an area that has rats. If they haven’t targeted your home yet, they may still. Rats are carriers of lots of nasty stuff including salmonella, hantavirus, and yes, bubonic plague.

Orkin, Inc., a well known pest control company, list the Norway rat, house mice, and roof rats as the most dangerous kinds of rodents, especially because they are willing to bite humans. These rats are not only potential carriers of the aforementioned diseases, but also carry bugs like ticks and fleas, both of which play host to all sorts of diseases themselves that can make humans very sick, potentially killing them.

Besides setting up rat bait and traps, careful food storage deters rats away from your home. You should educated your children not to go near these traps, because they poison inside can be just as harmful to humans as the diseases that rats carry. If you have a rat take the bait and one of your pets gets a hold of it and starts to eat the poisoned rat, not to worry. Many poisons such as red squill can be vomited up by pets, but not by rats and mice because they have no vomit mechanism. Red squill is derived from a lily-like plant, and is quite effective.

Other forms of rodenticide include white arsenic, strychnine, calcium cyanide, and zinc phosphate. These can be placed in rat bait, and are just as fatal as red squill. The danger in using these kinds of poisons is that these are harmful to house pets, so vigilance is needed to protect pets from bait boxes and traps containing these types of poisons. Unlike the red squill that causes a hemorrhage, these poisons shut down the central nervous system of an animal.

Fumigation is another way to administer rodenticide, but is not related to the bating method. When using fumigation, the object is usually to attack and wipe out a nest of rats rather than going after just one as in the case of a bait box.

So there you have it, the various ways to get rats out of your life. Which one will you choose?