Using Rat Traps Effectively: A Quick And Helpful How-To

So, you’ve discovered you have a rat problem in your house, lucky you! Fortunately, rat traps can help you resolve this issue, and if you set them properly, fairly quickly too. Here is the best advice to get the most from your rat trapping efforts.

Pick The Right Location

Many people make the mistake of scattering their traps over a wide-spread area, and although this seems logical, it won’t catch the most rats. Focus on the areas where you see the most droppings and know for certain the creatures occupy.

Use Enough Traps

Consider the fact that rodents can hop over traps in order to get where they want to go, and you can visualize the importance of having many traps. Space your rat traps approximately one inch apart in high traffic areas and make it impossible for them to get over or around them. Use a dozen traps if you believe you only have a few rats around, and increase the number accordingly for an infestation-level problem.

Offer A Variety Of Baits

Different rats prefer different types of food, so you want to cover as many bases as possible. Try to consider what you know they have been consuming around your home and place those items in the traps. Keep in mind too, that rats make nice little beds for themselves to sleep in, so add materials that they could use for that purpose, like yarn and scraps of fabric.

Buy Quality Traps

Especially since you’re buying in bulk, you may be tempted to economize, however; this tactic could make your efforts completely futile. Look for strong mechanical parts in your traps and buy from a trusted name. Whether you decide on a basic snap trap model or go all out for the more sophisticated contraptions, your best shot at eliminating the rat population in your house will be on your first night, so make it really count.

Follow-Up With Diligence

Hopefully, your efforts will be highly successful and the rat traps do their job of catching the rodents efficiently, but don’t forget to keep a keen eye on the situation. Inspect the areas where you’ve seen them in the past for telltale signs of excrement and repeat your trapping if necessary.

Rats can be an obnoxious problem to live with and even pose a health hazard to you and your family members. Use this advice and consult with a professional if necessary, to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.