Martin’s Cages Home

Martin’s Cages is located in Columbia ( Lancaster Co.), PA on 44 acres of farmland. The Martin’s enjoy and understand the beauty and importance of all animals, wild and domestic. Their farm is dedicated to the animals.

There is plenty of woodland for the wildlife. Formerly a Christmas tree farm, the pine trees have been left to grow into a natural forest for the wildlife to enjoy. The Martin’s grow all their own hay in their fields to provide “farm fresh” hay to all their animals. With plenty of wildlife to enjoy, the farm is also home to many farm animals and domestic pets. Skip and Diana have two sons and a daughter-in-law who live and help on the farm. Their family also includes 5 german shepherds, Slinky the ferret, and a menagerie of cats, rabbits, silky chickens, old english bantams, peacocks, a herd of pygmy goats, nubian goats, miniature horses, miniature donkey, a herd of fallow deer, a pot bellied pig, guinea pigs, hamsters, blue rats, chinchillas, a cockateil, frogs, hermit crabs, and a pond full of koi.

Their commitment to these animals helps them to design and create the most suitable cages for all kinds of pets. Skip Martin has devoted his life to ever improving the dwellings of all kinds of pets. His unique cage designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but always designed with each pet’s comfort and safety in mind. Skip’s love of his work shows in every cage that he designs.

Martin’s Cages’ warehouse is located on the one end of the property where the Martin’s and their team of dedicated employees work hard to make sure every cage is made to perfection. The shipping department ships cages all over the United States and nationwide. They have been providing top quality cages for 8 years.

Let Martin’s Cages be your pet’s real estate agent! For all of your pets’ housing needs, Martin’s Cages is the only place you need to look. Even if you have specific caging needs, Martin’s can help you out. Enjoy our web site, and feel free to drop us a line to let us know that you were here!