House Mice – Know Your Enemy

Suffice to say that the negative emotions that house mice bring up quite often result in people deciding that they don’t want to share their house with the furry little monsters. They don’t want them around their food and they certainly don’t want them scuttling around the bedroom floor late at night when they are just dropping off to sleep.

This results in a call to the pest control people whose job it will be to humanely remove whatever rodents they find. In the case of the common or garden house mouse what they are looking for is a very small creature about 5 inches long with light brown or gray fur and large ears and black eyes.

They travel in a characteristic scuttling motion which may be the feature that appears to upset so many people. They are mostly running about at night but can be seen during the day.

They usually give away their presence by making a noise as they scuttle about and occasionally giving off a quiet squeak. Once they are suspected to be in the vicinity a good look round can usually confirm this by finding things like droppings, scratches or stuff like shredded paper that they are going to use to make bedding.

Sometimes, particularly if they have been there for a while doing quite a bit of urination, house mice can give away their presence through a quite characteristic musky smell.

Once discovered, the specialists will take steps to remove them. Where the mice are nicely at home this will have to take the form of some sort of baited traps. Once caught the mice can then be removed and taken to a distance far enough that they won’t be returning.

The most obvious but still most effective way to stop other mice then entering is to block up any means of access. This is no small matter as mice can squeeze through a hole as small as about 1/4 inch. The time taken to do this is well worthwhile however and also has the bonus advantage of increasing the warmth of your home by excluding drafts.

So not only can your mice problem be solved but maybe your heating bill problem can be given a helping hand also!