Drugstore Beetle

Drugstore beetles are 2.25 to 3.5 mm long, and are a uniform brown to reddish brown. They have longitudinal rows of fine hairs on the elytra and body shape is oval.

Habitat: Drugstore beetle will eat almost anything, including spices, cake mixes, cereal, and bird seed. The female drugstore beetles lay their eggs singly in or on the food.

Life Cycle: Drugstore beetles can live from two to four weeks, and during this time, females can lay 30 to 100 oval, whitish eggs in foodstuffs. The eggs hatch in 7 to 20 days. Larvae reach maturity in 30 to 50 days, and then pupate in a silken cocoon covered with bits of the material on which they fed. The pupal period is 8 to 10 days long. There are usually three to six generations of cigarette beetles and one to four generations of drugstore beetles each year. The beetles can fly but usually hitchhike in infested materials distributed by man..

Damages: Good storage management practices are aimed at excluding grain feeding insects while maintaining grain quality. The longer grain is held in storage, the greater the need to maintain good management practices, such as sanitation and residual sprays. When proper management is ignored, populations of insects which have been feeding and reproducing in grain residues are free to infest new grain.

Once in the new grain, the insects continue to eat and reproduce. Substantial numbers of grain-infesting insects can reduce the value of grain or render it unfit for processing or feeding. Results of feeding by insects can reduce grain weight and quality.

Prevent: Drugstore beetle infestation should begin in the grocery store. Buy only what your family can use in a short time–two to four months. Purchase only sealed packages that show no signs of damage. No stock keeping just the way most stores do. Use older packages before new ones and open packages before unopened ones.

Store your newly purchased foods in glass or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. The cardboard or plastic packages that you bring home from the store are not insect-proof, nor are most metal kitchen canisters. Keep your pantry and cabinet areas clean. Vacuum up any crumbs or spilled food regularly. Do not clean cabinets with water because this leaves a pasty residue attractive to the pests.

Control: Inspect packages of bird seed, grass seed, and dry pet food. Check holiday decorations made of seeds or dried flowers–these may be stored away in an attic. Infestations sometimes originate from bird seed or pet food stashed away by mice in an attic or behind a wall. Don’t forget to inspect your bookcases–the drugstore beetle has even been known to nibble on books.

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