Common Signs of Mice In House

One of the most common pest problems that you can experience is having mice in house. These annoying animals can cause many problems for you, such as spreading disease or damaging your property. Fortunately, it is usually fairly easy to spot mice in your home, and getting rid of mice is not always as tricky as you might think.

House mice are abundant in many parts of the world. As their name suggests, they tend to live in and around human dwelling places, such as houses and farms. They often eat food such as seeds, nuts, and grains.

Since mice are rodents, they must be constantly gnawing to keep their teeth worn down. The teeth of rodents grow all the time, and if they are not allowed to gnaw on things, their teeth will grow too large. Because of this, if you have mice in house, you will see signs of gnawing everywhere. For example, you might find tooth marks on your baseboards or wooden furniture.

Mice also leave droppings wherever they live. Mouse droppings are very small, but if you know what to look for, they are fairly easy to spot. You might also see tracks or footprints. If you suspect that you have mice living in your home, one way to tell is by sprinkling flour or some other powdery substance on the floor in the evening. In the morning, check for tracks in the dust.

House mice also make nests to live in, usually from some sort of shredded material. Paper is a popular substance used by mice. If you see signs of chewing or shredding on the newspaper in your home, this may mean that you have mice. Nests are usually constructed in sheltered, out of the way places in your home.

Mice can be active both during the day and at night. If you see a mouse during the day, do not be alarmed. Try to remain quiet and see where the mouse goes. This can be an indication of where it is living.

House mice are very good climbers and are small enough to fit through even the smallest of cracks or openings. They reproduce very quickly. A single female mouse can have as many as 50 babies in a year.

If you suspect that you have mice in house, keep an eye out for these signs. If you spot indications of mice sharing your home, contact a professional pest removal service.