About Us

Company Information

US&CA Pest Control is a group of 55 licensed pest control companies throughout the United States, as well as distributors throughout Europe and Canada, that are distributors for the parent company “Rx for Pests”. US&CA Pest Control is dedicated to helping you eliminate pesky Pest  problems. Our home Pest service treatment offers convenience, value and lasting results — important considerations when it comes to keeping Rover or Whiskers and your home free of Pests. The nationwide US&CA Pest Control service centers have treated over 1.5 million homes. We proudly stand by our “One Application, No Pests for One Year” money-back guarantee.

The Process

The US&CA Pest Control process uses a patented powder, Rx for Pests Plus, to eliminate the Pests from your home. The US&CA Pest Control powder is registered with both the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and State Agencies. The powder is applied to all areas of your home (carpets, cracks and crevices) by a licensed service technician who will ensure a quality application. Depending on the size of your home, the application usually takes between one and two hours to complete. You are not required to leave the home while the powder is being applied and there are no “pesticide” odors to bother you.  If there is no distributorship in your area, our product can be purchased for self application by visiting our on-line Store or calling 1-800-666-3532.

The Rx for Pests Plus powder is a Sodium-PolyBorate with a neutral PH of 7.0. It acts as a desiccant when any of the microscopic particles of the negatively charged powder come in contact with the larvae, the pupa or the egg. After 2-6 weeks the home is completely free of Pests. Even as pets go outside and bring in new Pests the home will stay protected because the Rx for Pests Plus powder remains in the carpets and hardwood crevices.

It should be noted that there is a very big difference chemically and with regard to safety between Rx for Pests Plus and products made of 100% Boric Acid.  The treatment of the environment is an essential part of Pest control. As a pet owner you realize that treating your pet will not 100% eliminate the  Pests in the environment. US&CA Pest Control offers a one year money back GUARANTEE to eliminate these Pests from your environment. If you have multiple pets in your home US&CA Pest Control is the most cost effective method of eliminating Pest s. It’s GUARANTEED! If you don’t want to place chemicals on your animals, US&CA Pest Control is the most effective method of eliminating these Pests. US&CA Pest Control will keep your pets and family members free of Pests for one year GUARANTEED!

One Year Guarantee

US&CA Pest Control offers a full One Year, Money Back Guarantee to every customer. The guarantee ensures the total eradication of Pests in the homes which have been serviced. The guarantee is effective for 12 months from the date of the initial application. The guarantee will be honored with a reapplication to the home at no charge or money back. Guarantee is voided only if carpeting is shampooed, cleaned or removed.

Homes with hardwood floors are now able to be successfully treated and guaranteed. The US&CA Pest Control success story is represented by our refunds. US&CA Pest Control has refunded money to less than 1/2 of 1% of all homes treated. It really works!

How to Contact US&CA Pest Control

US&CA Pest Control offers many locations throughout the United States, Europe and New Zealand,   and will soon offer locations throughout the world. Locate the US&CA Pest Control nearest you here.

If you are unable to find a location near you contact 1-800-657-152

Can I Do It Myself?

Yes, US&CA Pest Control Rx for Pests is now available in an easy to apply three pound canister.   The same powder that is used for our service is available in the on-line Store or call 1-800-666-3532.

Order today and you will receive free Shipping and Handling on orders totaling over $80.00, or mention our website and receive a $10 discount when having your home professionally treated using our Pest  service. No other offers may be used in conjunction with this offer.

Dust Mite Elimination

We are pleased to announce that a revolutionary new service is now available in your area for the treatment of dust mites in your home.  Our unique Rx for Mites product is a breakthrough for allergy sufferers.

Do You Have Other Services?

Carpet Cleaning Wet or Dry Methods

Our revolutionary cleaning method cleans horizontally to the floor – not vertically like conventional extractors.  The results give you up to 50% more soil removal and elimination of stubborn stains that do not reappear. Plus, we offer The HOST dry extraction carpet cleaning system.

New For Your Yard

Worried about Pests in your yard? US&CA Pest Control now offers an effective yard spray that treats pesky Pests outdoors. US&CA Pest Control can treat your yard monthly using the traditional pest control methods or you can choose our non-toxic beneficial Nematode method BioBusters. The choice is yours.

Pest Control Services

Many US&CA Pest Control locations are now offering expanded pest control services. They will be treating pests such as roaches, ants and spiders. Check with your local US&CA Pest Control office to see if these services are being offered.